Chatbots for Healthcare

Chatbots – The Gatekeepers of Healthcare Professionals

In Artificial Intelligence by dunritetech

  • Too much traffic to handle calls and emails?
  • Healthcare cannot keep the patients waiting on the line for responses, as it can be a case of emergency.
  • With busy patients looking for ways to communicate and connect with doctors.
  • The tiny blink on the bottom right corner of the webpage isis the techiest saviour now- CHATBOTS! This patient engaging automated-tech captures the audience and helps them promptly with their queries.
  • Stats reveal using bots saves an average of 4 minutes per enquiry equalling to savings of $0.50- $0.70 per interaction.  
  • Healthcare Chatbot portrays the role of the physician and its interaction with patients optimizes healthcare delivery, providing affordable & appropriate care.
  • Chatbots are not designed to diagnose a person but guide and assist them if they are seriously ill.
  • With the healthcare costs increasing around the world, chatbots not only cuts down many of the cost but also improves the overall customer experience

Let’s take a look at a few important applications of Healthcare Chatbots.
1. Customer Service:

  • Scheduling an appointment and issuing reminders are now done in a blink of an eye with the help of chatbots.
  • Also, few chatbots are equipped with free symptom checker that can inform the website visitor with the most likely causes of their problem.
  • After which it offers an appointment with the concerned specialist.
  • This gains the patient’s trust in the hospital without even visiting it yet.

2. Patient Engagement:

  • Care is all a patient needs to recover quickly.
  • A simple text by the chatbot on reminding them to eat the tablets or refill the prescription medicines can improve the bond between the patient and the provider.
  • When a patient is about to undergo surgery, the chatbot even aids them in providing crucial information about the upcoming procedures.
  • It does not stop here.
  • Chatbots like ‘The Cancer Chatbot’ connect with friends and family, advising them on how to help their loved ones battling cancer.

3. Better Healthcare Experience:

  • Retrieving the patient’s record in times of emergencies is vital for the prompt and right diagnosis.
  • Several medical institutions have innovated chatbots for internal recordkeeping, which delivers important patient information such as prescribed medication, allergies, check-up reports etc.
  • This reduces the time with no risks of human error.
  • The vital information conveyed to the specialists helps them in making an informed decision and thus improving the healthcare experience of the patients.

4. Point-of-care for Clinicians:

  • Chatbots have replaced the time-taking task of going through large databases for looking up information on drugs and its composition.
  • For instance, SafeDrugBot provides information on active ingredients within medications and recommended alternatives to drugs.
  • Few chatbots advise patients on ways to self-treat, based on the correlation of symptoms and conditions given by them.
  • Results in relieving the overworked and over-scheduled physicians.

5. Inpatient Reports:

  • Chatbots keep a check on the hospital’s inpatients by providing reports to the doctors on time.
  • It also keeps the doctors updated with the patients’ current condition including lab reports and other health indicators.
  • Keeps a close tab on the patient and lets the doctors follow up with apt diagnostic processes.

6. Research/Promotion on New Meds & Devices:

  • The AI-powered Chatbots are capable of diving in the ocean of data and extract the information faster than ever.
  • It is capable of providing concrete recommendations for doctors and their patients by researching through the recent release of data.
  • Further, the bots are used for promotion of new meds and devices to the clients, providers and patients.
  • The conversation data on new meds & devices helps the firms in understanding customer behaviour towards the new launch.