Transformation of Insurance industry with AI-powered Chatbots

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  • Gone are the days of using emails and IVRs to respond to customer queries.
  • The evolution of chatbots has taken over many organizations for service-related queries. 
  • Indian Insurance Industry is expected to reach USD 250 billion by 2025.
  • With the power of AI induces chatbots, the insurance industry can use it all along its life cycle from pre-purchase to claims, reducing the complexity involved.
  • These virtual agents can assist the customers in checking the insurance plans, compare policies, calculate premiums and make the purchase.
  • They not only help the customers but also boost the confidence level of insurance agents while making a sale/demo, by better retrieval of information and plan comparisons.
  • The implementation of AI converts 5 times the leads generated than via traditional methods.
  • Above all, they help the insurance agencies in cutting down the response time of queries, thus saving a huge cost and entail a positive reputation.
  • They pave the way to increase the revenue by building brand trust among the customers and empowering them.
  • In short, AI-powered chatbots remove the bottlenecks in operations and speed up the insurance claiming process and resulting in satisfied customers.

Here is a quick list of top priority insurance functions for a chatbot
Product Recommendation:

  • Quote
  • Channel Support
  • Upsell & Cross-sell

Customer Education:

  • Document Submission for Underwriting
  • Policy Issues
  • Payments

Customer Queries:

  • Policy Renewals
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Claims FNOL & Assessment

Let’s take a look at how AI is transforming the Insurance Industry. 
1. Customer Advisory:

  • Insurance policies are sometimes cumbersome and may require educating the customers thoroughly. 
  • Chatbots come in handy as they interact with every web visitor and based on their inputs and information, give them what they are looking for in a simple way.
  • It even suggests an optimal policy by comparing and showing results from multiple carriers.
  • Customers learn about the available options in front of them and make an informed decision with the help of chatbots 24/7 and have come to be their personal assistants.

2. Lead Profiling: 

  • Chatbots are easily deployed in everyday apps used by customers for more traction.
  • With their built-in conversational skills, chatbots can level up the process of data gathering and can easily segregate potential customers.
  • Bots profile them according to the input received and match them with the sales team data.
  • Some bots even assign an intent score to the customer based on their purchase intent.
  • The higher the score, the more a qualified inbound lead!
  • With chatbots on board, the volume of leads increases, subsequently increasing the conversions on site and reducing human intervention.

3. Underwriting:

  • Bots have the capability of processing documents in a matter of seconds and providing with the desired results such as accept/reject/redirect. 
  • They provide the users with options to upload the documents to process, unlike the traditional way of document collection by an agent and forwarding it for further process.
  • It unmasks the hidden risks and helps the underwriting team in assessing the applicants efficiently, precisely and quickly.

4. Policy Servicing: 

  • The bots can bridge the gap between a customer and the agency with their constant interaction.
  • They remind the customers about the payments, policy renewal and other alerts to make them feel more connected to the brand.
  • Chatbots have the competency to enhance the customer experience because of their meticulous instant replies, extending the care quotient from the brand.

5. Claims Management:

  • As mentioned afore, chatbots play a main role in claims management.
  • Bots can streamline the process of claims, right from claims FNOL to settlement and recovery.
  • Because of reduced human intervention, errors and elimination of repetitive tasks, it aids in faster claims.

6. High Valued Database:

  • Data is the fuel to success.
  • Chatbots can be easily integrated with internal CRMs.
  • Bots can extract the information from the customer interactions and store them in database, for further use.
  • These are added for sending updates about new product recommendations and other information through emails, newsletters and SMS.
  • Combined with chatbot analytics, deep insights can be unfolded.
  • The insurtech bots help in a hassle-free work environment for the sales team and reduce the multitude of work, by optimizing various activities.
  • The more the AI gets advanced, the better the customer engagement, making the whole process as personalized and efficient as possible.

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