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Mobile Apps – The novel way of doing eCommerce

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  • Introduction of mobile apps has redefined the way of shopping for everyone.
  • From dressing up and going to packed malls to sitting in comfy pyjamas and buying your desired product, mobile apps are the talk of the town!
  • This life-altering innovation has leveraged many businesses to compete in the global platform.
  • Though e-commerce sites can be accessed through browsers, apps were hassle-free, reducing the loading time and allowing easier navigation.
  • This is proved by research which says page speed is directly proportional to site loyalty for around 52% of customers.  
  • Also, another study shows that 89% of customers prefer retail apps over desktop websites.
  • Retail apps boost the number of repeat purchases and increase the loyal customer base, which are the key prospects of any business.
  • By 2021, sales by mobile apps will account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.
  • Besides, it is far easier to capture the customers’ attention and influence the purchase decision with mobile apps, boosting overall sales.
  • Simpler checkouts and payment options have made the entire experience an enjoyable one leading to repeat purchase and more sales!!

Let’s take a look at what makes mobile apps so vital for ecommerce!
1. In-App & Push Notifications:

  • When a user enters in the mobile app, he/she receives instant in-app notifications concerning a flash sale or new product arrivals or price changes.
  • Though in-app messages are meant only for customers who have already been engaged with the app, it can stimulate a buyer to explore more and increase sales.
  • Push notifications are a great tool of marketing, wherein it alerts customers on what they are missing out and make them enter the app.
  • These notifications are able to involve and convince the customers in a lighter way with offers, fresh arrivals and stock availability.

2. Faster Response Rate:

  • As mentioned before, the faster the response time of apps, the higher the satisfaction of customers.
  • This is achievable only through mobile apps because of its design and easy navigation between pages.
  • Apps can store the shopping preferences set by the customer for them to easily access each time they use the app.
  • Each product is now given a review section, where customers can express their views easily by commenting over it.
  • The customer team keeps monitoring this and responds with immediate solutions.
  • This reduced response rate sets a higher mark of brand trust for the customers.

3. Better Conversion Rate:

  • Apps are designed in a user-engaging way with enhanced UX and easy navigation.
  • When the images of the products are available in better quality, it eases out the customers’ doubts on product quality, making them buy the product.
  • It sends in notifications regarding customers abandoned carts, sometimes by discount prices to convert the stock to sale.
  • If a customer has wish listed a product, the app notifies them with a price drop or availability to finish the purchase.
  • These have proven to increase the conversion rate and hence higher sales value.

4. Integrating Smartphone Features:

  • Smartphones, as they are named, helps out with their inbuilt features.
  • The Microphone can initiate voice searches which account to
  • GPS comes in handy to pinpoint the customer’s location and guiding in easier deliveries.

5. Simpler Checkout & Cross Selling:

  • Mobile apps can process singe touch checkouts.
  • With an array of payment systems like Wallets, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, customers can save the details securely.
  • Every time they make a purchase, the payment is done through the saved and preferred method in no time.
  • At the time of checkout, apps can pop-up messages with custom product recommendation that can be an add-on for the product in their cart.
  • This stimulates impulse purchase and accentuates the order value.

6. Visibility & Reaching Out:

  • Mobile apps are the potential marketing channel keeping the customers on toes for new campaigns.
  • Their 24/7 availability to customers enables businesses to engage with the customers at any time.
  • With product sharing features, customers can send/upload in social media for reviews/feedbacks.
  • This not only results in higher visibility to potential customers but builds us brand value.
  • Another way of reaching out is loyalty and reward programs.
  • Which transforms a customer to a loyal customer and make them feel special!
  • Mobile apps have helped out many small business owners to take their business to the digital forum.
  • Helps in easy collection of feedback and surveys, leaving ample room for improvement.
  • Heighten your brand reputation with constant engagement and enhancement of customer experience.

Mobile apps are the future of businesses! Achieve a streamlined process, grow your customer base and strengthen your business.

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