Levelling up the game of eCommerce with Big Data

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  • Ecommerce has revolutionised the way of doing business.
  • With over 54% of millennials shopping online, the industry is believed to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021.
  • Entwining Big Data with Ecommerce is not only the way of capturing the current market but also foreseeing the trend to stay ahead in the competition.
  • Businesses using Predictive Analytics have 73% higher sales than those not using it.
  • Ecommerce holds an advantage over traditional brick and mortar with the adroit collection and usage of data.
  • The exponentially growing data is expected to be at a size of 44 Zeta bytes which equals 44 trillion gigabytes by the end of 2020!!
  • Only less than 0.5% of the data is utilized for gaining insights and grow the business.
  • Businesses got to adopt Big Data Analytics to improvise their strategies, optimize the processes and resources and above all have a better understanding of the customers!
  • Many retailers either do not employ proper ways of data collection or do not use the acquired data effectively.

Here is a compilation of what Big Data can do to transform your e-tail business!
Trend & Demand Forecasting:

  • Understanding customer behaviour is what the marketers yearn for!
  • The algorithms can surf through social media and web for identifying the trend.
  • Big Data is also comprised of historical sales data, buyer preference, and geo-location.
  • With the help of sentimental analysis, the marketers can know how well their product is doing.
  • Predictive analytics then simulates the data to find the possible outcomes of the future, to calculate the demand for a product, saving the cost of over-production or under-production!
  • This also helps in strategizing your supply chain and reduce the delays according to the predicted volume, weather information, fleet position and even driver’s performance!

Optimization of Price :

  • Online shoppers are always in search of better deals for products, making them jump onto various ECommerce platform.
  • The key factor that makes customers switch from traditional shopping to online shopping is the dynamic pricing strategy!
  • The capabilities of Big Data and Analytics are not limited to understanding customer behaviour.
  • But also to identify the price the customers are willing to pay for a product by analysing factors such as Cost of Goods, Competitor Price and other variable costs.
  • Customers are more likely to be satisfied when they get their desired product at personalized offers.
  • This pricing varies for each customer according to their shopping habit and is the main way of boosting sales. Thanks to Big Data!

Improving Customer Experience:

  • Gaining and retaining a huge base of loyal customers is not an easy task.
  • Big Data and Analytics come to your rescue to enhance the ways of customer experience.
  • With customer interaction data collected over multiple channels of engagement, information like most searched product, popular brands, shopping trends can be collected and analysed.
  • This, in turn, gives insights such as:
    • How customers engage with the brand and follow the trend?
    • What factors causes repeated product purchase?
    • At what point they are losing the customers?
    • What leads to cart abandonment?
  • Businesses can work over the insights acquired and pass it on to the employees, to enrich the overall experience and thus generating more sales.

Creating a Personalized Shopping:

  • A study supports that, 87% of shoppers are driven to buy more when they experience personalized shopping.
  • E-tailors have grasped this and with Big Data providing all the relevant behavioural and demographic information, they are able to:
    • Automate product recommendations for every customer
    • Create a dynamic pricing
    • Send in offers and coupons through emails and SMS
    • Display targeted ads according to their preferences
    • Make a basket of most shopped products together by the customer

Safe and Secured Payment:

  • Payment interface always poses a threat to both online customers and retailers.
  • With many user-friendly methods of payment like wallets, online banking, card transactions, the more the vulnerability of details to hackers.
  • Big Data allows the retailers to scan for potential threats and frauds, allowing them to implement methods of curtailing the risk of cyber-attack.

Let’s take a brief look at how the ECommerce giants are dealing with Big Data:

Amazon- Predicts the website traffic, product assortment & conversion rate to scale-up the process.
Walmart- Identifies purchase pattern and pairs a complimentary product to improve sales.
Alibaba- Reduces the risk of online credit management between lender and borrower.
Agoda- Assures the lowest price guarantee for room booking by matching the price with its competitors.
Netflix- Recommends movies and series based on the customer taste making them discover more from the long tail.
Each penny saved is a penny earned in Retail. Big Data is the game-changer here, making the businesses to take a strategically actionable leap, improvising the efficiency as well as customer retention.

Time to opt for the incorporation of Big Data and Analytics into your business!

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